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MAJONCAR PROJECTS AND TRAINING ACADEMY (Pty) Ltd. is comprised of Professionals emanating from previously/ historically disadvantaged Individuals. Our company has been accredited by EW SETA accreditation no: Mndja9ENER12062273. And Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA) accreditation no: 7R75094.Our institution is registered with CIDB and has grade 2CEPE Reg No:273254.


We are principally active in the areas of training, civil and construction.


MAJONCAR PROJECTS AND TRAINING ACADEMY Pty Ltd operated and legally registered in 2012 and has offices /branches in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and North West provinces. We are anticipating opening other branches in Kwazulu-Natal and Northern Cape provinces.


• To operate nationally with most members been from historically/ previously disadvantaged communities, and to be truly representative and enhance the principle of black economic empowerment in the republic of South Africa and adopt the principle of non-sexist. 

• To benefit all people of South Africa through the creation of job and resources.

• To operate on sound business principles and to make income by being efficient, productive, competitive and effective.


• We are committed to the principle of affirmative action to ensure that the previously/historically disadvantaged people in South Africa are given maximum opportunity of advancement in the corporation. We have taken women and Youth on board as members.

• Our overall aim is to ensure that equal opportunity exists at all levels and promotes advancement based on merit.

• In achieving the above aims, we concentrate on key concepts:

• There will be a strong focus on basic education and on both skills and management training.

• A strict policy on non-discrimination will be followed in order to ensure that all remaining vestiges of prejudices in whatever form are eliminated.



The members are the executive members of the firm and are entitled to take control and final decision in the firm as they are fully contracted to the firm.

For the firm to operate professionally, members decided that the firm should have advisors for certain matters. The latter are non-Executive Members of the firm and are not contracted to the firm, as are employees or employers at other institutions. Their duties are to advice and not to decide. The advisors will ensure that the firm adheres to the standards and produce acceptable works. The advisors comprise of technical and social.


MaJonCar Projects has memorandum of agreements with other technical institutions - which will help the firm to meet the required technical standards as per expectations; this team of professionals is ready to lift the firm to the required heights and create pool of engineering technology.